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Top shit, my dude. I really enjoyed this, for sure.

YT cucks won't keep it down! Viva La Revolution!

I absolutely...

Love it. It's very fluid, fitting music, and you really captured each unique art style quite well. A fine homage to a lot of great artists (and styles) and an awesome way to hone your own skills.

For a future project, might I suggest you have a read of some even older cartoons/webcomics and try them out? I'd make suggestions, but the red NOTE text is holding a knife to to my throat and will kill me if I do.

As if my fear of math wasn't strong enough...

Despite this increasing my fear to near homicidal heights, I'm giving you 9.999 and rounding up. <3 Just wish it was a little longer but I stayed around for the entire song afterwards. Gotta love this series (in all it's forms).

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It takes away from the game...

When after I reach level 10, I walk away from the keyboard, expecting to die (since I've made it so far, tired of the music, repetitive sound effects, lack of variety in the level design) only to come back and nearly be to level 13. -.- When a game plays itself, it is no longer fun. Sorry, but you need to work on this...A lot.

A review

Alright, as you said, it is a prototype. Here are a few tips to make this a lot better.

Once you run out of coffee, you're screwed, right? There should be some way to recharge your meter. Because, As I'm typing this now, one little red block is spinning around my fat man. As amusing as it is to watch, it inevitably gets dull and denotes a low score. The buttons on upgrading did not work. Instead, the play button appeared and would not allow me to select my upgrade. When I hit play, it brought me back to the game and I had the same amount of coffee I had when the level was completed.

It's a shame that these glitches happened but, as you said, it is a prototype, and is, in a sense, still in it's beta testing stage. Since you're still working out the kinks, I've given you a modest 3 and a 4.

I do hope you can improve this game, as I would like to play the finished version to kill some time.

A resounding success!

Like, dis game, is SOOO much beter than Final Fantasy! Gawd! Relly, is teh greatestest game eveah! Evrey RPG look liek shit copmared to dis game!@!!

(For those of you with small minds, that is sarcasm with just a dash of satire)

A nice parody, mate. Glad to know there are more than a handful of people who are capable of seeing that every JRPG/RPG is basically a reskin of every other JRPG/RPG. A 5/5 and a 10/10.

And a thumbs up for the voice acting. It where pretty good.

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Sweet jesus...

This song prepares men for battle. I vote to adopt this as our war anthem. All in favor?

Xarnor responds:

Someone needs to probably write some lyrics and a few verses or something first, but sure dude that's cool with me haha.

Damn, man.

Despite having read the review below first (I know, I goofed), I seriously found myself thinking there were going to be lyrics as it just seems like that kind of setup.

I wouldn't be surprised if someone was writing some right now. <.< >.>

JoNoGo responds:

Thank you very much. Glad you enjoyed these random tunes i make up in my spare time. If i could only sing i would be able to make somthing worth listening too. I miss the days of being in a band :(

I feel like shooting zombies...

I love this retro sound and it strangely seems to fit with a zombie theme. I was smiling the whole time. Even had you said nothing, I get the feeling I would have been pondering a topdown or sidescrolling 8 bit zombie shooter just from the audio. You did a damn fine job. 10s and 5s for ye.

SilentSpace responds:

Thanks, man! I didn't initially get a zombie vibe from this, however, and initially called it dead pixels. When I realized that dead pixels would be zombie pixels, I knew what this song had to be. :P

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